Camp Membership in the NACC is based on the idea of not “what do I get” but upon “what do I get to share and give?” Our purpose is to provide a means by which ideas, concepts, information, and encouragement can be shared among Christians involved in Christian Camping. Simply stated:

“By our sharing and giving, we get.”

The Camp Membership fee is $25 per year plus 10 cents for each paid summer youth camper. Example: If your camp had a total of 500 campers this past summer your fee would be $50 plus the $25 base fee – Total $75.00. Funds are used to support this web site and promotion of the Annual National Christian Camping Workshop.


Checks should be made out to NACC and mailed to:

National Association of Christian Camps
%Central Florida Bible Camp
Ron Brackett
23813 CR 44A
Eustis FL 32736

Each Member Camp will receive a Membership Certificate for the year that Membership Dues are current. Becoming a member of the NACC means that your camp understands the “give first — get later” principle. By your sharing first and blessing others, you will be blessed later by what other camps have shared.